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Super Easy Piano Lessons

Super Easy Piano Lessons

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Learning the piano has never been easier! Super Easy Piano Lessons for Beginners takes a progressive approach to piano education. Each of the book's 20 lessons builds on the previous lesson, using familiar songs and melodies to reinforce the material.

By the time you finish the book, you'll be able to play songs, read music (on treble and bass clef), play simple scales and chords, and create your own music!

This book's 20 easy-to-accomplish lessons feature simple keyboard diagrams, extra-large music staffs and letter notes, and audio tracks so anyone—regardless of skill level or age—can quickly jump into the world of piano playing! Plus, the three bonus lessons will have you writing your own songs!

With just a few minutes of practice each day, you'll learn:

  • Music Reading
  • Basic Chords
  • Simple Scales
  • One-Hand Songs
  • Two-Hand Songs
  • Essential Rhythms
  • Music Creation
  • And Much More!

Piano instructor and author Austin Crosby presents the easiest way to learn piano! This is the ultimate piano book for adult beginners and kids!

With each lesson, you'll get:

  • A popular song to play
  • Extra-large music staffs
  • Large print music notes with letters (note names)
  • Finger numbers
  • Easy Parts for the Left and Right Hands
  • Downloadable and streamable audio tracks

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