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Snare Drum 365

Snare Drum 365

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Snare Drum 365: 52 Weeks of Daily Snare Drum ExercisesÑwith free audio downloads and streamingÑis presented in an easy-to-use, one-drill-per-day format to help you quickly learn essential snare drum rudiments, rolls, rhythms, and paradiddles!

Inside this book are 365 snare drum drills, one for each day of an entire year. Concepts such as rhythm, rudiments, time signatures, dynamics, and drum-tone variations are covered throughout the book to help you develop musicianship and musicality.

The goal of this book is to provide you, the practicing drummer, with fun, interesting, and effective material to practice at home alone or with a professional instructor. After all, to become a better player, you must dedicate time each day to growth on your instrument, and Snare Drum 365 is the perfect place to start!


  • Basic & Advanced Rhythms
  • Drum Rudiments
  • Dynamics
  • Proper Sticking
  • Time Signatures
  • Rolls & Paradiddles
  • Drum-Tone Variations
  • And Much More!

FREE: Easy access to instant audio downloads from Troy Nelson MusicÕs website is included.

BONUS: Includes customer support! Questions during practice? Just email us, and we'll happily help you.

ABOUT BEN HANS: Ben Hans is a percussionist, author, clinician, and music instructor based in Nashville, Tennessee. As an educator, Ben has taught private music lessons to students of all ages and skill levels for over three decades, including two decades as a collegiate music instructor.

Ben, who cut his teeth performing under the tutelage of jazz guitarist Jack Grassel and the late swing clarinetist Chuck Hedges, actively performs live in multiple music genres as a freelance artist. In addition to leading his own jazz trio, Ben has shared the stage with a diverse list of artists, including Kip Winger (acoustic); Eric MartinÕs BIG Acoustic; Trixter Acoustic (with Steve Brown and PJ Farley); Anthony Corder, the voice of Tora Tora; Ted Poley, the voice of Danger Danger; Tony Harnell, the voice of TNT; Danny Vaughn, the voice of Tyketto; Todd Kerns; Fiona Flanagan; Walter Egan; rock guitarists Reb Beach, John Roth, Donnie Wayne Smith, and Jorge Sal‡n; Paul Taylor; Nashville singer-songwriters Doug Allen and Beth Sass; jazz pianist Barry Harris; jazz saxophonists Eric Morones, Johnny Padilla, Berkeley Fudge, and Jesse Lee Montijo; jazz guitarists Scott DuBois, Steve Peplin, Kirk Tatnall, Jeff Schroedl, Neil Davis, Michael Arnold, Michael Standal, and Pete Billman; jazz vocalist Jeannine Rivers; Swing Nouveau Big Band; blues artists Altered Five Blues Band, Jonny T-Bird and the MPs, and Tallan Noble Latz; percussionists John S. Pratt, Dominick Cuccia, Mitch Markovich, Jim Sewrey, Rick Embach, and Jeff Salisbury; as well as many more artists from many genres.

Ben is also a freelance author, editor, proofreader, and session performer, with published works that include WorkinÕ Drums: 50 Solos for Drumset, 40 Intermediate Snare Drum Solos, Rudimental Drum Solos for the Marching Snare Drummer, Modern School for Mallet-Keyboard Instruments, Hal Leonard School for Snare Drum, First 50 Solos You Should Play on the Snare Drum, and How to Play Drums in 14 Days.

Ben is a Yamaha Performing Artist who also currently endorses Aquarian Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Mike Balter Mallets, Impression Cymbals, and Tycoon Percussion.

Since 2016, Troy Nelson Music has offered customers the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow lesson books and songbooks for a variety of instrumentsÑeverything from guitar and mandolin to piano, saxophone, and clarinet. With 30+ years in the music publishing industry, veteran guitarist Troy Nelson has sold hundreds of thousands of books as both an author and publisher due to the quality and effectiveness of his books and the service he provides.

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