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How to Play Violin in 14 Days

How to Play Violin in 14 Days

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Are you ready to learn how to play violin? Start here! How to Play Violin in 14 Days is the ultimate violin book for absolute beginners.

In this practical, step-by-step guide, Award-winning fiddle player and master instructor Bethany Olds teaches you the essential elements you need to know to get started as a fiddle player or violinist. And the best part? No music reading is required! Inside this book, songs, melodies, and music exercises are presented in both standard notation and easy-to-use violin tab, so you can choose which method you preferÑor use both!

With this book, you can learn how to play violin!

Violin is no different than any other instrument, and with steady, mindful practice, you can learn to play it in just two weeks, because How to Play Violin in 14 Days is written with the absolute beginner in mind!

This violin book for beginners is jam-packed with fundamental violin skills and exercises!

For adult beginners and kids alike, in just two weeks, youÕll learn:

  • Songs & Melodies
  • How to Hold the Violin
  • Proper Bowing Technique
  • Major Scales & Intervals
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Fundamental Rhythms
  • Standard Notation & Tab

What makes this beginner violin book for adults different?

How to Play Violin in 14 Days is an innovative method for learning to play the violin. The instructional material is not only easy to use and follow, but also cutting-edge in its approach. While most violin methods teach only standard music reading, How to Play Violin in 14 Days includes violin tab with all songs, melodies, and music exercises to speed up the learning process. In other words, violin tab will have you playing the music quicker while simultaneously helping you to read standard music notation.

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Includes tons of music notes, easy-to-play melodies, and full songs, including violin and fiddle favorites Crawdad Song, Amazing Grace, and Ode To Joy.

Read it! Hear it! Play it!

Music examples are presented in both notes and tab. This practical, step-by-step guide to beginning violin includes quick-and-easy access to audio tracks via download or streamingÑright from No signup required!

About Bethany Olds: Montana-native Bethany Olds started playing fiddle when she was 14 and began competing a year later. As a competitive fiddler, she won several major titles, including 1997 National Junior Fiddle Champion, 1998 and 1999 Montana State Fiddle Champion, and 2001 Tennessee State Fiddle Champion. She moved to Nashville in 2000, and since then has been the fiddle player for both Sara Evans and Pam Tillis. She has also been a session player in both Atlanta and Nashville, and won a Dove Award in 2010 for her participation on the Glory Revealed II album.

Bethany has taught beginner violin and all levels of fiddle since 1997. Over the years, sheÕs learned to adapt her teaching style to each studentÕs learning strengths. BethanyÕs ultimate goal as a teacher is to give her students the ability to play and enjoy the music they love.

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Publisher Troy Nelson has garnered 1000s of 5-star reviews through his breakthrough series How to Play Music in 14 Days.

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