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How to Play Piano in 14 Days

How to Play Piano in 14 Days

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This book is a modern piano lesson book with a new take on the best way to learn piano.

How to Play Piano in 14 Days is jam-packed with fundamental piano exercises so you can learn to play piano fast. Introducing a revolutionary new PIANO TAB to make sight-reading piano even easier!

From the publisher of over a dozen top-selling music lesson titles, How to Play Piano in 14 Days from Troy Nelson Music takes a novel approach to piano education that will have you playing great-sounding music in no time!

This is not your grandmaÕs beginner piano method!

How to Play Piano in 14 Days is a brand new method for learning the piano. Have you struggled to learn piano because of the ÒoldÓ way itÕs taught? WeÕve taken the concept of learning piano and made it even easier than ever to learn piano and even teach piano.

How is this book a different kind of piano technique book?

  • Introducing PIANO TAB, a revolutionary new way to read the notes of a piano that you will only find in this book. This is a method the author and publisher invented to make it easy for you to take the notes and get them onto your piano quicklyÑno music reading required!
  • Features contemporary music examples and exercises, updated for your modern, discerning ear.

How to Play Piano in 14 Days is a modern approach to piano lessons.

This piano book will teach you

  • Major, Minor, and Pentatonic Scales
  • Modern Melodies and Chord Progressions
  • Fundamental Rhythms: Basic to Advanced
  • How to Play Complete Musical Pieces
  • The Circle of 5ths

This beginner piano method is not designed to be an exhaustive, be-all, end-all resource for piano; instead, this bookÕs intention is to jumpstart your piano playing so you can learn piano quickly.

You donÕt have to know how to read music to use this book! Why? Because of our PIANO TAB, an easy way to learn how to play piano by seeing the keys you need to play right on the page.

This piano book for adult beginners and beginner kids alike will help you learn the piano quickly.

This beginner's guide also provides an easy introduction to reading and playing music.

  • Packed full of easy-to-follow instructions
  • Tons of illustrations to demonstrate piano technique
  • Simple exercises with our brand new PIANO TAB visuals
  • Learn at your own pace or in as fast as 14 days
  • Fun and easy chords and songs to play

Buy With Confidence!

Read it! Hear it! Play it! Music examples are presented in notes and tab. This practical, step-by-step guide to piano includes quick-and-easy access to audio tracks via download or streamingÑright from No signup required!

From the top-selling series Play Guitar in 14 Days from publisher Troy Nelson Music. Author and editor Troy Nelson has sold more than 300,000 books and has 1,000s of reviews. You will see our books average 4.5 stars or more!

About Austin Crosby: Austin has been a piano player for over 20 years and a worship bandleader for more than a decade. AustinÕs passion is helping others learn to love the piano as much as he does.

REMEMBER Free access to instant audio downloads from TroyÕs website included.

BONUS Includes customer support! Questions during practice? Email us from our website and we will happily help you.

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