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How to Play Drums in 14 Days

How to Play Drums in 14 Days

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How to Play Drums in 14 Days: Daily Drumset Lessons for Beginners Ð with free audio downloads or streaming Ð is presented in an easy-to-follow format to help you learn to play drums quickly!

If you're looking for the best drumset book for beginners, look no further! Seasoned author and educator Ben Hans has written an easy-to-follow beginning drum book that's methodically designed to teach you all the essential rhythms, beats, and grooves youÕll need to start playing your favorite songs!

Teach yourself to play drums with this jam-packed book with tons of fundamental drum skills and exercises.

YouÕll learn:

  • Time Signatures & Rhythms
  • Snare Drum Rudiments
  • Essential Beats
  • Tom Fills
  • Signature Grooves
  • Bass Drum Patterns
  • Limb Independence
  • Hi-Hat & Cymbal Techniques


  • Stick Techniques
  • Standard Drum Notation
  • Jazz Ride Cymbal Patterns
  • The Shuffle Feel
  • Triplet Rhythms
  • 12/8 Time
  • And More!

Free audio demonstration tracks for this drum instruction book included!

This is the perfect first lesson for beginner drummers! Also great for teaching a beginner how to play the drums! All music examples are presented in easy-to-follow standard drum notation. So, as new drum concepts are introduced, youÕll be able to quickly apply them to your drumset.

This drum book is from the top-ranked series Play Guitar in 14 Days from Troy Nelson Music.

About Ben Hans: Ben Hans is a percussionist, author, clinician, and music instructor based in Nashville, Tennessee. As an educator, Ben has taught private music lessons to students of all ages and skill levels for over three decades, including two decades as a college instructor. Ben actively performs live in multiple music genres and with many internationally known artists, and is also a freelance author, editor, proofreader, and session performer, with dozens of published works, including Workin' Drums: 50 Solos for Drumset, 40 Intermediate Snare Drum Solos, and Rudimental Drum Solos for the Marching Snare Drummer, among others. Ben is a Yamaha Performing Artist and also endorses Aquarian Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Mike Balter Mallets, Impression Cymbals, and Tycoon Percussion. Ben is a member of ASCAP and John S. Pratt's International Association of Traditional Drummers.

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FREE access to audio demos Ð download or streaming Ð for each music example!

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