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How to Play Cello in 14 Days

How to Play Cello in 14 Days

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How to Play Cello in 14 Days is a modern lesson book with a fresh and innovative approach to learning the cello.

Are you ready to learn how to play cello? Start here! How to Play Cello in 14 Days is the ultimate cello lessons for beginners! This cello book is jam-packed with fundamental cello sheet music and exercises so you can learn to play cello fast!

From the publisher of dozens of top-selling music lesson books, How to Play Cello in 14 Days from Troy Nelson Music takes a novel approach to cello music education that will have you playing great-sounding cello sheet music in no time!

This is not your grandmaÕs beginner cello method!

How to Play Cello in 14 Days is a brand-new method for learning the cello. Have you struggled to learn cello because of the ÒoldÓ way itÕs taught? WeÕve taken the concept of learning cello and made it easier than ever!

With this book, you can learn how to play cello music! Cello is no different than any other instrument, and with steady, mindful practice, you can learn to play it in just two weeks, because How to Play Cello in 14 Days is written with the absolute beginner in mind!

This essential cello method book for beginners is jam-packed with fundamental cello music skills and exercises!

For adult beginners and kids alike, in just two weeks, youÕll learn essential music elements of the cello, including:

  • Complete Songs & Melodies
  • How to Set Up & Tune the Cello
  • How to Hold the Cello & Bow
  • Finger/Bow Coordination
  • Proper Pitch & Tone
  • How to Read Notes & Tab
  • Music Theory
  • Essential Rhythms
  • Major Scales & Intervals
  • Proper Finger Placement
  • Bowing & Pizzicato Technique
  • And Much More!

Contact our Customer Support via our website if you have any questions about this cello music lesson book, the audio files, or need any other assistance. We are here for your entire learning-to-play-cello journey!

Includes tons of music notes, easy-to-play melodies, and full sheet music songs. Enjoy the cello magic!

Bonus cello sheet music included! Buy With Confidence!

Read it! Hear it! Play it!
Music examples are presented in notes and tab. This practical, step-by-step cello guide includes quick-and-easy access to audio tracks via download or streamingÑright from No signup required!

About Patrick Reinholz: Patrick Reinholz is a cellist and educator from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a teaching and performing career that has encompassed many different styles of music. In addition to being classically trained, he performs in pop, rock, jazz, and experimental music groups. He also regularly collaborates with poets, dancers, and filmmakers. Along with playing live music, Patrick has also worked as a session musician for artists and for video game companies in Wisconsin and beyond.

As an educator, Patrick is a private cello teacher with 20 years of experience. In addition to teaching privately, Patrick is also a public school orchestra teacher with 12 years of experience. His private and public school teaching experience spans the elementary, middle school, and high school levels. He takes a key interest in studying the pedagogy of the great cellists of the 19th and 20th Centuries, and continually looks for ways to make music education available to everyone.

REMEMBER: Free access to instant streaming or audio downloads from is included. Thanks for all of the 5-star reviews!

BONUS: Includes customer support! Questions during practice? Email us from our website and we'll happily help you.

Publisher Troy Nelson has garnered 1000s of 5-star reviews for his breakthrough series Play Music in 14 Days.

Get this bookÑand the Troy Nelson Music support systemÑtoday!

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