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How to Play Alto Sax in 14 Days

How to Play Alto Sax in 14 Days

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Learn how to play alto saxophone from master instructor Aaron Gardner. How to Play Alto Sax in 14 Days is the ultimate alto sax book for beginners.

In this practical, step-by-step guide, saxophonist and master instructor Aaron Gardner teaches you the essential elements you need to know to get started as an alto sax player. Inside this alto sax book for beginners, you'll find short songs, melodies, and music exercises all presented in standard notion with accompanying fingering charts or note identifiers so you can quickly apply the music to your saxophone!

With this book, you can learn how to play alto saxophone!

Alto saxophone is no different than any other instrument, and with steady, mindful practice, you can learn to play it in just two weeks, because How to Play Alto Sax in 14 Days is written with the absolute beginner in mind!

This alto sax book for beginners is jam-packed with fundamental saxophone skills and exercises!

For adult beginners, teens and kids alike, in just two weeks, youÕll learn:

  • How to Get a Sound
  • Fingering Exercises
  • Note Reading
  • Essential Rhythms
  • Music Theory
  • Improvisation
  • Major & Pentatonic Scales

What makes this beginner alto sax book different?

How to Play Alto Sax in 14 Days is an innovative method for learning to play the saxophone. The instructional material is not only easy to use and follow, but also cutting-edge in its approach. This book speeds up the learning process by including fingering charts or note identifiers in all songs, melodies, and music exercises.

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Includes tons of music notes, easy-to-play melodies, and full songs, including a complete 12-bar blues tune for learning to play melodies and soloing over. Plus, the audio downloads include full-band backing tracks!

Read it! Hear it! Play it!

Music examples are presented in standard music notation with fingering charts or note identifiers. This practical, step-by-step guide to beginning alto sax includes quick-and-easy access to audio tracks via download or streamingÑright from No signup required!

About Aaron Gardner: Aaron Gardner began taking private flute lessons in the fourth grade and hasn't stopped playing music since. After gaining a strong foundation in classical music, Aaron attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied jazz flute and saxophone with Joe Viola and George Garzone.

Today, Aaron lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he teaches at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. He also uses his talents to fulfill a community need by sharing the joys of art and music with students in the Milwaukee Public Schools. Aaron has recorded music for shows on Netflix and PBS, and performs in a variety of styles, with many local and national acts, including the Violent Femmes and Willy Porter.

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Publisher Troy Nelson has garnered 1000s of 5-star reviews through his breakthrough series How to Play Music in 14 Days.

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