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Classical Piano Music 1 2 3

Classical Piano Music 1 2 3

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Classical Piano Music 1 2 3 takes a unique approach to the traditional songbook format by offering three arrangements of every song, each one at a different skill level. This enables pianists to choose their skill level the level where they're most comfortable performing the songs or start on the easiest arrangements (Level 1) and gradually work up to the most challenging ones (Level 3).

Level 1

  • Beginner-level arrangement
  • Large-sized notes and staff so the music is easier to read
  • Names of the notes are clearly displayed inside extra-large noteheads
  • Courtesy accidentals
  • Chord symbols
  • Finger numbers

Level 2

  • Late-beginner-level arrangement
  • Medium-sized staff and notes
  • Standard music notation
  • Courtesy accidentals
  • Chord symbols
  • Finger numbers

Level 3

  • Early-intermediate-level arrangement
  • Standard-sized staff and notes
  • Standard music notation
  • Courtesy accidentals are removed
  • Chord symbols
  • Finger numbers

The 16 Classical Songs:

  • Air on the G String  Bach
  • AvŽ Maria  Schubert
  • Clair de Lune  Debussy
  • FŸr Elise  Beethoven
  • Hungarian Dance  Brahms
  • Lullaby  Brahms
  • Morning Mood  Grieg
  • New World Symphony  Dvorak
  • Nocturne in E-Flat Major  Chopin
  • Rondo alla Turca  Mozart
  • Spring  Vivaldi
  • Swan Lake  Tchaikovsky
  • Symphony No. 5  Beethoven
  • The Blue Danube  Strauss
  • Turkish March  Beethoven
  • Wedding March  Mendelssohn


Classical Piano Music 1 2 3 includes some of the most beloved classical pieces ever written!

FREE: Easy access to instant audio downloads from Troy Nelson Music website is included free of charge!

BONUS: Includes customer support! Questions during practice? Just email us, and we'll happily help you.

ABOUT JOSHUA CATANIA: Joshua Catania is the author of 16 Easy Classical Pieces for Solo Piano, 16 Easy Hymns for Solo Piano: Volume 3, The Easy Classical Piano Fake Book, and How to Play Jazz Piano in 14 Days. Joshua started playing the piano at age 5 and began writing his own music soon after. Influenced by his father, Joshua grew interested in jazz music and began improvising at an early age. Through his teenage years, Joshua kept busy by performing in theaters, churches, jazz clubs, and orchestral halls around his home state of Wisconsin. While in high school, he released his debut album, Open to Now, to critical acclaim from USA Today, Something Else!, Midwest Record, and more.

Joshua decided to further his education at the University of Michigan, where he studied jazz piano with Juno Award-winning pianist Andy Milne. Alongside his studies, Joshua performedactively in the Detroit area jazz scene. While in college, Joshua also became interested in piano tuning and repair, studying independently with Robert Grijalva, professor of Piano Technology.

Joshua continues to perform, compose, and teach in Hartford, Connecticut. For the last eight years, he has taught beginner, intermediate, and jazz piano students. In addition to his creative work, Joshua is a piano technician at a local piano tuning and restoration company.

Since 2016, Troy Nelson Music has offered customers the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow lesson books and songbooks for a variety of instruments, everything from baritone ukulele and mandolin to piano, saxophone, and clarinet. With 30+ years in the music publishing industry, veteran guitarist Troy Nelson has sold hundreds of thousands of books as both an author and publisher due to the quality and effectiveness of his books and the service he provides.

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