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Memorize and Master the Guitar Fretboard in 14 Days

Memorize and Master the Guitar Fretboard in 14 Days

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Memorize and Master the Guitar Fretboard in 14 Days. Daily Lessons for memorizing and navigating the guitar neck. All music is presented in easy-to-follow popular tab format and fretboard diagrams so youÕll be able to quickly apply the material right to your guitar.

Guitar instructor and seasoned author Troy Nelson takes you step-by-step in this easy-to-follow guitar fretboard book. This is the ultimate guide for learning every note of the fretboard!

Instead of staring at the guitar neck and memorizing every note on each string, the lessons in this book will teach you the notes in both horizontal (along the strings) and vertical (across the strings) fashion.

This guitar fretboard book takes a novel approach to fretboard memorization, visualization, and navigation. What makes the book truly special is that it removes the tedious aspects of memorizing the neck by incorporating other musical elements into the learning process.

Revolutionary 6-step Method for learning:

  • Octave Shapes
  • Major & Minor 3rd Intervals
  • Diatonic Triad Arpeggios
  • Diatonic 7th-Chord Arpeggios
  • Major Pentatonic Scale Patterns
  • Major Scale Patterns

Plus, all of the music examples are presented in rhythm guitar tab and fretboard diagrams so you can quickly get the music off the page and onto your fretboard!

REMEMBER Free access to instant audio downloads from TroyÕs website included.

BONUS Includes customer support! Questions during practice? Email us from our website and we will happily help you.

From the author of over 20 guitar lesson books

Memorize & Master the Guitar Fretboard in 14 Days is written how Troy would want to learn the notes of the fretboard if he was starting from scratch, in his signature, tried-and-true style. Troy has written more than 25 books for the guitar and edited more than 200 others.

Thanks for the 5-star reviews

As an author, Troy Nelson has sold over 350,000 books and received more than a 2,500 reviews. A 35-year guitar player, he's the former Editor-in-Chief of Guitar One magazine, holds a degree in music, and is the author of the #1 best-seller Guitar Aerobics.

Troy's passion is helping others learn to love the guitar as much as he does.

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